Friday, March 5, 2010


We have been advised that our site has once again been labelled as a phishing site (which means we are secretly gathering your information)
PLEASE be assured we will NEVER EVER EVER use you information to pass or sell to a 3rd party.
We have been in contact with Microsoft to clear this problem.
Whether we have been listed by mistake or someones deliberate attempt to stop us doing some good in the world, we are not sure.
Hope you can continue to support us through the challenges or the fundraising side of our charity.

We had been wondering why our sales had suddenly stopped, and some very brave person emailed and told us what was wrong. We have been banging our heads on how to fix the problem, and now we have been informed winners and potential buyers are too scared to go to our shop. So so so sad!!!

I must admit I want to burst into tears but I (we) wont let the nasties of this world win - so please feel safe in knowing we dont do anything like that!!

Thank you
Hugs Heather

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